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FundsIndia explains: Balanced funds

Balanced funds are those funds that invest the majority of their portfolio in stocks and the rest in fixed-income instruments. A balanced fund thus straddles two asset classes – equity and debt. What is the benefit in doing so? Who do these funds suit? Here are the answers. What they are Balanced funds invest about […]

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Why do funds stop fresh inflows?

Last week, crowd favourite DSP BlackRock Microcap, a small-cap equity fund stopped accepting fresh investments altogether. This comes a few months after the fund restricted lump-sum investments. Midcap fund Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip also recently restricted new investments. SBI Small & Midcap and IDFC Premier Equity have had long-standing inflow restrictions. This, when market mavens […]

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FundsIndia Ratings – Criteria and Methodology

The universe of mutual funds in India is large and often leaves investors confused on what funds to go with. Understanding the fund strategy, their positioning, their risk profile, and applying these to their performance, become key factors in choosing a fund. At FundsIndia Research, we look at all these factors, including qualitative assessments about […]

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FundsIndia explains: What is an NFO?

Expanding into New Fund Offer, an NFO is the launch of a new mutual fund by an asset management company. Here’s what you should know about NFOs. An NFO is not like an IPO. In an IPO, a company is raising funds from the public that it will use for a specific purpose. You have […]

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Gamifying your Investments

As you login to your account, you’ll now see on the top right corner a box that tells you where you stand among your peer investors! This will help rank yourself among your peers and will also act as an instant financial health check for you. We have a podcast that explains the various aspects of […]

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Money Mitr on the FundsIndia mobile apps for Android and iOS

My FundsIndia: Money Mitr, your instant wealth buddy

You know you need to start investing. Your friends are already well on their way and they’ve told you how easy it is to invest regularly with a SIP. The finance section of your newspaper is telling you daily how mutual funds have been growing, and how more and more people are taking to it. […]

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We’ve been declared the best in investment advice, three years in a row!

FundsIndia has never just been an online store for investment products. We’ve strived to be of a lot more value in the lives of our customers by gifting them something invaluable – the gift of prudent and unbiased investment advice. It makes us very happy to announce that for the third year in a row, […]

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FundsIndia Features: Reports that help you with investing

Have you ever felt like investing is similar to witnessing a grand film on screen? For one, investments evoke the same myriad emotions we’d feel much like when watching a spectacular movie. To experience a trailer of what we’re telling you, just open your account dashboard and take in what you see. For the touchy-feely […]

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FundsIndia Features: The Instant Wealth Designer

Investing regularly helps builds wealth. You may have heard this axiom several times, and you might even agree to it. The world’s most successful investors swear by it. But there’s still some difficulty in getting started, isn’t it? You may put off investing, and thereby put off building wealth, due to one or more of […]

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FundsIndia Features: A luxury car that drives you to your goal

A luxury car is waiting outside your house. It is an absolute dream-like drive machine with looks to kill. As you stand outside gaping at it with child-like excitement, the door of the car opens for you. You’re excited, but cautious. You peer in and slowly seat yourself inside the car, finding instant comfort in […]

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