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FundsIndia Recommends: Mirae Asset India Opportunities

A portfolio tilted towards large-cap stocks, returns that beat the benchmark and peers across every market cycle, and a focus on quality and valuations make Mirae Asset India Opportunities a good fund for investors who do not want to take too much risk. The fund was a diversified or a multi-cap equity fund investing across […]

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3 key tips for saving water and money

Water and money may exist as two separate states of matter, but they do have many things in common. For one, both are critical to your life. Just as you need water to stay alive, you also need to have sufficient money to be able to live in comfort. Another similarity between them is the […]

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FundsIndia explains: Balanced funds

Balanced funds are those funds that invest the majority of their portfolio in stocks and the rest in fixed-income instruments. A balanced fund thus straddles two asset classes – equity and debt. What is the benefit in doing so? Who do these funds suit? Here are the answers. What they are Balanced funds invest about […]

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FundsIndia Views: There’s more to the market than UP elections

The BJP’s win in the UP elections provided a leg up to the market for couple of reasons: one, it reposed the faith in the policy reforms of the government and brushed aside concerns of demonetisation even if it lasts for some time. Two, while too early, it sets the stage for the 2019 elections […]

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Regular plans from Quantum funds

Quantum mutual fund company, the AMC that offers Quantum Long Term Equity fund, among others, recently announced that they are going to be offering a regular plan variant for their funds. At FundsIndia, initially we were happy with this announcement. However, when the details emerged about the plan, we were disappointed. The article that they […]

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FundsIndia Recommends: SBI Magnum MIP – Floater

Open a FREE Account Now! A recent entrant into the hybrid debt category in FundsIndia’s Select list is SBI Magnum MIP – Floater (SBI Magnum Floater). The fund is among the lowest risk in the debt-oriented hybrid category, both in terms of its allocation towards equity and debt as well as in its management of […]

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FundsIndia explains: What are diversified or multi-cap funds?

Over the past few weeks we discussed about large-cap funds and mid-cap funds. There is another category of equity funds that falls between these two – they are called diversified/multi-cap funds. Within the equity funds space diversified or multi-cap equity funds are the go anywhere funds, i.e. these funds can invest in companies across market […]

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FundsIndia Views: What should be your time frame and return expectation with equity funds?

Most of you, when you started investing with us, would have heard your FundsIndia advisor tell you that equity funds are not meant for the short term. We say this because equity markets and therefore equity funds, are volatile in the short term. That means they can deliver negative returns. How long can such phases […]

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Don’t let your biases affect your investments

Human decisions and behaviour are all subject to a host of biases on a variety of issues. How does a bias impact you? They push you to take decisions that you prefer to take than actions that you ought to take, given the situation. Investment decisions too, are certainly not exempt from bias. Let us […]

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FundsIndia explains: What are midcap funds?

We’ve looked at what large-cap funds are, and why they are a must-have in your long-term portfolio. This week, we will take up the midcap fund category. What midcap funds are The entire stock universe is grouped according to market capitalisation. A stock’s market cap is the product of its share price and the total […]

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